How to find rocking templates for your presentation

Templates are backbone of any presentation. What props you are using to present is an important part of the presentation. The most used program is still power point presentation (ppt). There are other programs that became pretty famous for a while such as prezi ( ) and Powtoon (, none have been able to match the wide spread use of good old ppt.

Now, every presentation is different – when you are presenting technical architecture of a new software to your client, will be different from when you are speaking to your employees about leadership. First might show your logo at the footer whereas the second might show a famous motto and might not even have a footer. First will need sophistication and simplicity, second will need energy and more vibrant colors.

Choosing the right template is very important. Here is the list of free and paid power point templates that you can use to spice up your presentation.

1. Power Point :
The MS Power point itself has thousands of free templates. If you select “New”, you can select these templates by categories :

Power Point templates in MS Office

If you are not a designer and want a presentation to have a rocking template just once, these should be more than enough.

2. External Sources :
Although the templates on MS power point should be enough, sometimes you still need to take it further. Below are some of the free and paid templates :
a. Slides Carnival (Free)
b. 24 Slides (Free)
c. (Paid)
d. (Paid)
e. Slide Model (Paid) : If you are a designer that makes multiple presentation, you can choose their annual program which offers a great value with unlimited downloads.
f. Template Monster (Paid) : Thee a huge variety to choose from. it is not just templates for ppt but also for websites and blogs

3. Learn it:
Still not satisfied with templates and want to learn how to create your own kick ass presentation ? I recommend Presentation Panda Course for designing presentation. It costs $29.97 and you get to learn at your own speed.