Online coaching through Skype

Every presentation is different and so is every presenter. If you would like us to work together or if you have an important presentation coming soon and you want advice, book a session with me. We will work on your presentation skills, step by step.

It will be a 30 minutes session and will be divided into two parts. In first 10-15 minutes you will make a presentation/speech to me. Based on that I will asses where you need improvements. No BS, just to the point conversation.

Usually the session might go over by 10-15 minutes but do not worry about it. My aim is to make sure you achieve that perfect delivery that you have been wanting. We will work on it together

The price for 30 minutes session is 9 $. Book a session from the calendar below and as per availability and I will immediately get back to you. In case you don’t see a time that suits, drop an email and we will figure out something.


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