Today we will talk about how to do a best man’s speech. Having done 3 myself, I have improved with every time. If you follow a best man’s speech template, there is nothing to be nervous about and you will deliver absolute perfect speech.

1. Write it down : No matter how big of a geek you are of if you have read 13 books on memory enhancing tricks, couple of glasses of wine and you will go extempore. Write it down and take a picture with your mobile. No excuses for loosing your script. It might sound great in your head but until you actually write it down, it is going to get a lot better

2. Attire : Add a flower to your chest pocket during speech, or a tie pin. Just stand out during your speech. Nothing shiny or overshadowing the groom because it is after all not you who is getting married but be pointable during the speech.

3. Opening : Talk about how did you guys meet and TRY to make make the start funny. There are thousands of example on Youtube – just get some ideas but customize it according to your situation.

4. Content :
This is the story time. Prepare a timeline and roast the groom – make fun of him, add some jokes, some hilarious stories. Tell them he is silly to get married, sacrificing his single status but at the same time tell them that you wish best for him.
Mention his now wife but do not tease her. You are not allowed to roast his wife unless she knows you very well.
No swearing as there are kids and grandparents in the room.
It’s alright to make other people laugh but do NOT under any circumstances bring her ex or flings into picture. Ever.
Most important : say something nice about them as a couple. Strike a balance between being emotional and funny.

5. Time : 10-12 minutes. No one will care about how funny you are after 12 minutes. Do not get too drunk before your speech, just enough so it calms you down.

6. Practice : Can not emphasis this enough. Read it to someone to get feedback. A lot of things change during ceremony, practicing it before hand will make you ready for any circumstances.

7. Closing : Depending on your opening, the closing should be same. if you started with a funny opening, make sure you end with a funny one too. Make a sand which and match your closing to your opening.

In the end, just have fun. Even if you mess it up a bit, it is ok. No one cares and everyone will have a good laugh. Don’t be nervous and enjoy your time with family and friends

Still want more tips ? Want to run your speech through me before finalizing it, just write to me. Just drop an email at contact on home page or beeok a session at