A Quick self help guide to improve your public speaking, presentation and speech delivery skills

This guide summarizes the essence of presentation skills. This book can be read in just 30 minutes and talks about fundamentals of improving your public speaking, speech or presentation Skills.

You will NOT improve your presentation after reading the book but this book will teach you how to identify problem areas and practice right.

  • Introduction
    • The 3 Dimensions of Presentation
  • Content, The Ppt and the Props
    • Identifying Your Purpose
    • Preparing Your Presentation
    • Preparing Your Visual Aids
  • You, The Presenter 
    • Creating a Mock Presentation
    • Eliminate Stage Fright and Build Your Self Confidence
      • Step 1: Be audience-centered
      • Step 2: Accept that you make mistakes
      • Step 3: Ditch all that negative self-talk
      • Step 4: Convert your fear into positive energy
      • Step 5: Present daily
      • Step 6: Practice Makes Near Perfect
    • Incorporating your personality into your presentation
    • Extra Stuff You Need to Help You Convey a High-Impact Message
    • How to Incorporate Good Body Language
  • Them, The Audience
    • Surveying the audience
    • The All Important Q&A session
    • Getting Your Audience Engaged
  • Have Fun
    • Items of Preparation Prior to Your Presentation