A World Without PowerPoint Presentation

Did this ever happened to you ? The projector can not be connected at the last minute or the computer crashes just before your presentation. Imagine the scenario in multi-million dollar final stage of a RFP. I have experienced this once and trust me, it was a nightmare. Guess what ? My boss handled it […]

How to structure best man’s speech ?

Today we will talk about how to do a best man’s speech. Having done 3 myself, I have improved with every time. If you follow a best man’s speech template, there is nothing to be nervous about and you will deliver absolute perfect speech. 1. Write it down : No matter how big of a […]

The most famous speeches of all time – What goes into good speech ?

You have to speak at an event – whether its a retirement party or a best man’s speech. Now you want to understand what goes into a good speech ?Well, there are tons of attributes that goes into a good speech – voice modulation, eye movement, body language, dressing sense, humor and even pauses. Looks […]

The world is your stage

Check out this article : https://www.learning-mind.com/top-10-most-common-human-fears-and-phobias/ It gives you the list of top 10 phobias and at number 3 is the fear of public speaking. I have seen people who are expert in their fields but go numb or start sweating as soon as they have to deliver a speech or a presentation. I have […]